Welcome to KGM Websites Tired of using gmail, yahoo, etc., as email addresses and making excuses when being asked for a website by a client or stakeholder. KGM Websites is the solution to this. Welcome to our Website and hopefully by the time you leave our website, you'll contact us to set up your emails and website. Most companies, organisations and institutions have a desire to exist on the web / internet but due to time, cost and skill challenges don't get around to doing a Website Design. Get a Website that will add credibility to your company, provide information to your clients and let it work for you during and after working hours, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year as an information tool for your company.   This is where KGM Websites can assist you in finally having email addresses and a website setup via Website Design & Website Hosting which will add credibility and convenience to your  organisation / institution as opposed to using public / free emails that lack credibility for an organisation or company.   So where to from here ......... Well, read on and let's convince you how we can speedily get your organisation online 7 days from ONLY R99 per Month! A number    of organizations or companies have been satisfied with our service.     Getting you Online! Getting you Online! Copyright 2008 KGM Websites HOME